Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July's Installment

Here are the goods from July's round of the Twilight Stitch Marker Club. Enjoy!

Top to bottom:
The Meadow
Edward in Sunlight
His Brand of Heroin (Bella's Blood)
Surprise! Bookmark
Goodie! Edward the Musician

The Meadow was a lot of fun for me to make, I kept imagining being there, watching the flowers swaying in the gentle breeze. Ahhhh
Edward in the Sunlight is made with Swarovski crystals (because I couldn't afford diamonds!) and WOW do they sparkle. If you haven't already, take them out into the sun and have a look! Lucky Bella, no wonder she's so frequently at a loss for words!
His Brand of Heroin is fairly self explanatory, but I wanted to make a note that the round beads represent every one else's blood, and the sparkly one is how Edward experiences Bella's blood. It's different; tied to his heart, and his love for Bella.

The piano is my favourite of the goodies so far! That passage is a part of the book that absolutely had me swooning like a teenager, I just love it!

Until next month, Apple Eaters!


Genevieve said...

Oh, those are GORGEOUS!! I hope you do another club soon! I wasn't even aware of Twilight when you started this! :(

Great work! Just beautiful!

Genevieve (aka troismommy on Ravelry)

heyfatlulu said...

Hi Genevieve (one of my all-time favourite names!) Sorry for the delay answering your query - somehow missed this post.

I'll most likely be doing a round two of the Twilight Club in the new year. Before then I will be doing a Dexter Club (do you like Dexter?) : ) Thanks for your kind words about the markers!