Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Goods

Here is the bounty from June's round of the Twilight stitch marker club:

Top to bottom:
Welcome gift, apple row marker.
Surprise goodie, Bella's truck using some "Bella blue" beads.
Rain stitch marker set.
The Forest stitch marker set
Edward's Eyes stitch marker set and bonus black Onyx markers.

Some notes and random thoughts: I love the raindrop beads! I made this set in varying lengths to mimic raindrops. Strung along your knitting randomly, they really do look like rain. I wanted to evoke the feeling of Forks, and what came to mind was the ever-present rain and the ever-encroaching Forest. So those are fairly self-explanatory.
First Sight is what I was thinking of with the third set of markers. When we first see Edward, he's beautiful, but his eyes are dark. Later, Bella slips and tells him that her favourite gemstone is Topaz, but that if he were to ask her a couple weeks later, she'd most likely say "black Onyx". So that is why the Edward's Eyes set is all shades of Topaz with a bonus pair of Onyx. I had some moments of devilish glee making that set, I sure hope you all enjoy them!

Until next month, Apple-Eaters, happy knitting!


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